Monday, February 10, 2014

Admiral Valentina's Treasure-Prologue


  1. I am intrigued!!! What's the story behind these pics???

    Are they yours? Are you a lego-lover? Do you plan on running a series?

    1. I'm glad that you like it! The story will be developed over time with regular updates.

      All pieces, pictures, and the building are mine, except for Dr. Kilroy, who is my sister's. And yes, I am an avid Lego lover, like my whole family.


  2. I have quite a few lego-loving friends. One actually has the whole bottom level of his bunk-bed stuffed with lego constructions, and I have joked that if he removed them, the whole bunk would collapse!!!

    I also took part in a movie-making class, and my partner in the enterprise insisted on doing have with lego-animation, whilst I managed to insist that we do the other half with live-action. But the combo result was actually pretty cool.