Saturday, December 9, 2017

Susan Pevensie's Bow: An Illustration of Her Journey

In the 2005 movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Susan Pevensie's Christmas gifts--a bow and arrows--show her transformation from a cautious girl to a queen ready to defend her people.
Susan is the second-oldest child and the oldest girl. 
She is a voice of caution and reason, eager to leave Narnia alone and focus on problems in England.  But she does enter Narnia, and is given a bow and arrows by Father Christmas.  True to her character, she is reluctant to get involved in Narnia’s war against the White Witch, consistently wanting only to return to England and safety. When she, Peter, and Lucy are attacked by wolves while crossing a frozen river, Susan is the first to admonish Peter to “do something,” though her bow could have felled a wolf.

Susan and Lucy both practice on the target range
The four siblings are reunited at the Narnian army’s camp and discuss plans. Susan’s brother Peter wants the other three to return to England while he fights for Narnia, but Lucy declare that “all four of us” are needed to defeat the Witch. Susan walks off and Peter asks her where she is going. Holding her bow and arrows, she smilingly says, “To get in some practice.” This little exchange shows that Susan is finally willing to set aside her own safety and work for the freedom of Narnia. Susan’s time at the archery range pays off at the end, as she enters the battlefield and sees her brother Edmund badly wounded on the ground. A dwarf of the Witch’s army is sneaking up to give him the coup de grace, but Susan quickly shoots and kills him, saving Edmund in the process.  Susan is eventually crowned Queen Susan the Gentle by Aslan the great lion.

Friday, December 1, 2017

War of Loyalties is Officially Released!

Throughout the past several months, this blog has followed a soon-to-be released World War I spy novel called War of Loyalties.  Yesterday the book was officially released for sale!

Book Description: 
April, 1917. A ring of German spies threatens the coastal town of Folkestone, England. Newly-recruited agent Ben Dorroll must uncover which British citizens are traitors to their country. When his first attempt at espionage falls prey to a trap laid by German sympathizers, the security of the British Secret Service is threatened. Feeling lost in a strange country and aching for a steady place to call home, he wants to resign and go back to his American medical work. But when he learns that his family identity holds the key to capturing the spy ring, Ben has no choice but to unite with the mysterious Jaeryn Graham so that the truth can be discovered. 

In the aftermath of the Irish Rebellion, Jaeryn Graham's British colleagues look warily on his Irish background. Always up for a challenge, he thinks his new mission in the Secret Service should be an opportunity to prove his prowess. But after encountering death and alienating two agents, he finds the road to victory isn't as easy as he thought. Unless he can win the loyalties of his newest assistant, Ben Dorroll, his secret ambitions and his perfect success record will be destroyed.

In connection with the book's publication, the author has kindly put together an exciting War of Loyalties raffle.

First Prize Winner:
-Paperback copy of War of Loyalties
-“Jaeryn’s Vow” 8x10 poster
-Custom War of Loyalties mug
Second Prize Winner:
-Ebook of War of Loyalties
-Real vintage Folkestone postcard (this is a postcard that has actually been posted in 1917.)
Third Prize Winner: (open to international winners)
-Ebook of War of Loyalties

US residents only for 1st and 2nd prizes. Accounts created solely for giveaways not eligible.

About the Author 
Schuyler McConkey is a writing teacher, book reviewer, and ministry leader living half of her life in happy fellowship with her family and spending the other half in angst-filled fictional worlds. She is passionate about classic, Dickensian stories and characters who encounter deep struggles touched by grace. Irish music, British movies, and chai lattes provide the fuel for her dreams.