Monday, May 9, 2011


In 1793, the French revolutionaries had taken control of all of life in France. Churchmen were licensed by the State, and men were required to join the army. Only the province of La Vendee stood against this tyranny. The men formed the Armee Catholique et Royal (Catholic and Royal Army) to fight the revolutionaries. Madame de la Rochejacquelein (sister-in-law to Henri de la Rochejacquelein) records one time when two Vendean soldiers got into a fight with each other. Her father put a stop to the quarrel by saying "Jesus Christ forgave his executioners, and a soldier of the Catholic Army wants to kill his friend!" "The man kissed the other on the spot," records Madame.

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  1. If only everyone would be like Christ--what a glorious world we would have! But when even the Christians do not look or act like Christ... :-(

    Great article, Jordan!