Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Claverhouse's Motto

Despite R. M. Ballantyne's idea for Claverhouse's motto ("Stick at nothing!") the Viscount of Dundee provides us with a very clear presentation of his foremost idea.

In 1684, Graham of Claverhouse was courting Lady Jean Cochrane. Some of the King's men, who hated Claverhouse and wanted his job as Sheriff of Dumfries and Galloway, said that his service to the King would suffer if he married Lady Jean. When Claverhouse heard of this, he quickly sent off two letters to his commander, the Duke of Queensberry.

"But, or long, I will, in despight of them, let the world see that it is not in the power of love, nor any other folly, to alter my loyalty."

And this was not an idle boast. In the Revolution of 1688, Claverhouse had the opportunity to prove this as he single-handedly raised the Highlanders, raided MacKay, and in short, kept Scotland for James II until he was killed at Killiecrankie.

If Dundee could show such loyalty to a fallible, earthly sovereign, how much more determined ought we to be, who serve the King of Kings?

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