Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Favorite G. A. Henty Quote

This quote from page 8 of John Hawke's Fortune by G. A. Henty is one of my favorites:

"Never do a dishonourable action, be honest and straightforward, above all never tell a lie; were you to do so, putting aside the sin and shame of it, it would brand you as a coward.  Cowardice is the father of lying; a brave boy is not afraid of punishment for a fault that he has committed, but owns up to the truth and takes his punishment as a consequence of it, but the coward lies in hopes of escaping the penalty.  I don't know what your course in life will be, it is out of my power to aid you, and you have to fight your own way; but fight fair always, there is no disgrace in honest work, whatever it may be."

If any of my readers have any favorite Henty quotes, please post them in the comment section!

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  1. “To be a true hero you must be a true Christian. To sum up then, heroism is largely based on two qualities- truthfulness and unselfishness, a readiness to put one's own pleasures aside for that of others, to be courteous to all, kind to those younger than yourself, helpful to your parents, even if helpfulness demands some slight sacrifice of your own pleasure. . .you must remember that these two qualities are the signs of Christian heroism.”
    ― G.A. Henty