Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Providence and a Book

A few years ago, our family went to a large used book sale held in a mall.  While there, I acquired one book: American Historical Documents.  This was a compilation of treaties and other important documents of our nation's history.  I also debated about picking up a copy of Augustine's Confessions, but ultimately decided against it.

Not long after, I read Augustine's classic The City of God and enjoyed his writing style and excellent points (if you have not read The City of God, I would highly recommend it).  Only then did I realize that I should have acquired Augustine's Confessions when I saw it at the book sale.

Two or three years passed, and our family went to our local library's book sale.  On one of the tables was a copy of the same book I had passed up--Augustine's Confessions.

God had indeed blessed me with a copy of a book written by one of the finest Christian authors of his time, perhaps of all time--as well as a story of his providence and goodness even in little things.

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