Monday, March 30, 2015

Lord Rawdon's Volunteers of Ireland

The Volunteers of Ireland were a Loyalist unit raised during the American Revolution by Lord Francis Rawdon.  They fought at the Battles of Camden and Hobkirk's Hill.  The Volunteers of Ireland were one of only two Loyalist units to be granted the status of a British regular regiment (the other unit was the Royal Highland Emigrants).  When they became a British regiment, they were numbered the 105th Foot.

Their uniform consisted of a light-infantry cap with an Irish Harp on the front, a red coat with an unusual style of lapels and lace, white breeches and brown marching gaiters.  While not recorded, I painted shamrock turnbacks on one soldier.

The soldier loading is a conversion from BMC's British grenadier fixing bayonet.

Figures by BMC, painted by me.

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  1. Very nice models. I have some figures from 'Traditions' which I hope to paint soon - they are models of British regulars and militia from the French and Indian War's.