Friday, July 24, 2015

Queen Anne on the Victory at Ramillies

After the Battle of Ramillies (May 23, 1706), the Duke of Marlborough wrote to Queen Anne to tell here of his victory.  Here is her reply: "The great glorious success which God almighty has been pleased to bless you with, and his preservation of your person*, one can never thank him enough for, and next to Him all things are owing to you; it is impossible for me every to say as much as I ought in return of your great and glorious services to me."

"British infantry attacking French infantry at the Battle of Ramillies" by Richard Simkin
Queen Anne had a good grasp of primary causes (God) and secondary causes (the Duke of Marlborough) that contributed to the victory at Ramillies.

*Marlborough had been in personal danger at least twice during the battle: once when his horse threw him and he was pursued by French cavalry, and again when a cannonball killed the aide holding his stirrup so the Duke could mount.

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