Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beyond the Mask--54mm Plastic Soldiers

 The American Revolution-era movie Beyond the Mask was released earlier this year.  I recreated four of its characters with 54mm plastic soldiers.  I hand painted all of them, and a few were converted with a knife and some sculpting.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it.

Will Reynolds
At one point in the movie, Reynolds becomes a masked highwayman, battling Loyalists and keeping Philadelphia firmly in the grasp of the Americans.  The original figure is by BMC.  I cut off the original figure’s knapsack to create Reynolds.

Mr. Harrison
Harrison is a Loyalist ringleader in Philadelphia.  He recruits his friends to thwart the city’s rebels by intimidation and sabotage.  While the picture shows Mr. Harrison in brown, there is one scene in the movie where he wears a gray overcoat.  The original figure is by Accurate.  The figure was originally standing firing a musket, but I cut the musket off, bent his arms, and added a pistol.

Benjamin Franklin
In the movie, Franklin runs a printing business and manages to avoid any Loyalist attacks on his print shop.  He employs Edmund Bentley and William Reynolds.  The original figure is by Accurate and was sculpted to look like Franklin.  I just cut his musket off and added a cane.

Edmund Bentley
A minor character, Bentley is fired from Franklin’s print shop.  He then joins Mr. Harrison’s Loyalist band, and appears to be Harrison’s trusted assistant.  While the picture shows him in a brown coat, he more often appears in his cream-colored waistcoat.  The original figure is by Marx and was intended to represent Johnny Tremaine.  No conversion was required on him.

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