Friday, January 1, 2016

Defending the Legacy--Plans for 2016

As the new year dawns, I want to write 50 blog posts (about one a week) here on Defending the Legacy.  By December 31, 2016, I hope to have written:

  • At least 12 book reviews (including one of King by J. Aaron Gruben)
  • At least 4 movie reviews (including a review of Alone yet not Alone)
  • 6 short stories (including The Homeschool Spaceship)
  • At least 6 photo galleries of painted soldiers (including the grenadier and center companies of the 80th Regiment, Royal Edinburgh Volunteers)
  • An "About Me" page (to introduce myself more personally)

The remaining 31 posts will mainly include the same things that usually appear here: painting galleries, historical quotes and articles.

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