Monday, April 30, 2012

Changing Foundations

When a country changes foundations from God's law to man's law (or man's law to God's law), the change can be seen in the culture.  In Europe, the men quit using blue tattoos, donned clothing, and began protecting women and children--all as a result of the preaching of brave Christian missionaries in the years 100-700 A.D.
On the other hand, France changed from God's law to man's law in the 18th century, and it could be seen even in the battle flags that they carried.  France's cavalry was among the best of the time, and the premier cavalry regiment was Regiment Colonel-General.  From 1657 until 1759, the regiment was commanded by various members of the Turenne family.  Under them, the cavalry carried a flag which proudly displayed the pillar of cloud and fire which guided the Israelites.
In 1759, the colonelcy of Regiment Colonel-General passed to Marquis de Bethune.  He changed the flag to show Hercules's club.
This anecdote shows that, by the mid-18th century, France's foundations were changing.  While the flag had upheld Biblical principles, it now glorified pagan Greek myth.  When man's law eclipsed God's law, the stage was set for the bloody French Revolution.
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  1. How do you see the U.S. changing in its foundations?

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is always good to hear from my readers!

      To answer your question: I believe that the biggest shift in the U. S. foundation is the rejection of God's Law (found in the Bible) and the substitution of man's law. There are other foundation shifts, but all can be traced to a desire for man to be as God, to have his word--not God's--as the supreme law.