Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Halkett Family at Monongahela

At the Battle of the Monongahela (July 9,1755), there were two British regiments: Colonel Halkett's 44th and Colonel Dunbar's 48th. Colonel Peter Halkett had his two sons, Lieutenant James Halkett and Captain Francis Halkett, with him on that battlefield.

Colonel Halkett commanded the rearguard when the Indians attacked Braddock's column. The Indians aimed at the officers, and one bullet pierced the Colonel. His son Lieutenant James ran to his father, but was killed by another Indian's bullet.

According to Sargent's History of Braddock's Expedition:

"Among the most distinguished of the dead was Sir Peter Halket of Pitferran, Colonel of the 44th, and a gallant and sagacious soldier; whose two sons were fighting by his side when he fell. One of these, Lieutenant James Halket of his own regiment, hastened at the moment to his aid, and with open arms bent to raise the dying form. But pierced by an Indian bullet his body dropped heavily across his leader's corpse, and father and son lay in death together."

Captain Francis, however, escaped the battlefield alive, and returned to the Monongahela with General John Forbes in 1758. He examined the field and found the bodies of his father and brother, who were respectfully buried.

An interesting story of love of parents and a multigenerational legacy.

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