Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jamestown Quadricentenial 5 years later part 2

The Jamestown Quadricentenial was possibly one of the most important events our family attended.  Without the dedication of Vision Forum to honor those whom the cynical world called "a bunch of British buffoons", our family would likely be much different.
Five years ago, our day opened with three lectures: one on Indians by Mr. Doug Phillips, another on Indian legal systems by Col. John Eidsmoe, and (my favorite) Warfare: the Powhatans vs. the Englishmen by Mr. William Potter.

After finishing the lectures, we hurried to Colonial Williamsburg for our tour.  The reconstructed 18th Century town was very interesting, and touring it with Dr. Marshall Foster added much information.  When his tour finished, we walked around Williamsburg--dressed in authentic 18th Century costume.

While Williamsburg was excellent, the evening proved the high point of the day.  A play was presented entitled Heroes of Jamestown.  The play was well done, presenting the importance of remembering those who struggled and died to found our country, (purchase of the DVDs created from the Quadricentenial's lectures includes Heroes of Jamestown).  After the play, I collected autographs from the actors.  One would impact me in a remarkable way.
"To Jordan,
Keep the Faith!
Hebrews 12:1-2"
This had a long-term effect on me, and Hebrews 12:1-2 continues to be one of the most important Biblical passages for me.
How many of my readers attended the Jamestown Quadricentenial? Please leave me a comment if you did, or if you were edified by hearing about it!

Dr. Marshall Foster leads the tour

Our family at Colonial Williamsburg

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  1. I was there, I was eleven years old at the time, so I can remember 70-80% of everything. Our family went on several tours as well. Thanks for posting on the Quadricentenial!