Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jamestown Quadricentenial 5 years later part 3

The Jamestown Quadricentenial was an important event to our family--perhaps the most important event of the decade to us.  Without it, we would not have seen other Reformed Christian families trying to live by the Bible instead of man's opinion.

Five years ago today, our day was more free than it had been all that week.  We had toured Yorktown on Monday, Jamestown on Tuesday, and Williamsburg on Wednesday.  This left Thursday free for something else.

We listened to a lecture delivered by a man whom we had heard only the Monday before when he announced his topic.  His announcement was so good that we altered plans to hear his lecture. Called Another Generation, this lecture would introduce us to Mr. Geoffrey Botkin.  Five years later, we are still receiving benefit from the Botkin family.

With no tours booked for Thursday, we embarked on the boat tour.  The day was somewhat cold and the wind gusted over the river in large quantities.  If we went inside, it was impossible to hear Mr. Smith, our tour guide.  But if outside, we would quickly get cold.  Back and forth we went.  However, the view of Jamestown from the river was interesting.

Near the end of the tour, we trooped up the stairs to the top deck, listening to Mr. Smith, who was now talking quite excitedly.  On that boat tour we met another man who would influence me: Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr.  His Biblical Economics Curriculum (released in 2011) has shaped my understanding of economics, which before was woefully lacking.  If you will ever deal with money, barter, or making and selling products, you need to go through Biblical Economics.

That night, we were treated to a lecture by Mr. Patrick Henry (actually Mr. Robert Schumann, but it was difficult to tell the difference).  He was one of the best re-enactors I have ever seen.  He knew so much about Patrick Henry, it was as though we watched Henry himself.

View of Jamestown as some the new colonists might have seen it

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