Friday, January 25, 2013

Siege of Chandernagore

Early in the year 1757, the troops of the British East India Company besieged the French outpost of Chandernagore.  The French surrendered after a heavy bombardment by the ships of Admiral Watson and the soldiers of Colonel Clive.  Percival Innes writes this about the surrender of Chandernagore.
"There were about 500 Europeans in the Fort, 250 Seapoys and 400 Topasses, Mustees, &c., bearing arms.  Of the Europeans about 125 have given their parole of honour, 300 sick and well are prisoners, and the rest were either killed in the siege or made their escape."  Besides these, Broome states that "there were nearly 50 ladies," and Ives mentions specially the case of M. Nicholas, who lost his all, as he had neglected to remove his goods from the town to the Fort; a subscription was raised amongst his captors for his relief and he was presented with 1200, on receipt of which he cried out with joy, "Good God! they are friends indeed!"--pg 45. The History of the Bengal European Regiment by Percival Innes.

This is an inspiring story of generosity, even among enemies!

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