Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Changes the World

Everyone agrees that there is something wrong with the world as it is now.  They even agree that sin is what is wrong in our world  They only disagree on two things: 1. What the sin is and 2. How to fix it.

One of the more popular ideas for a solution is to create a huge multi-national agency to regulate the lives of everybody in the world's nations.  Obesity, poverty and capitalism will be banished forever!  This idea has been tried before and has failed utterly.  The Roman Empire is in the ash heap of history.

Another idea involves revolutions.  When the proletariat rises, all the world's problems will be solved.  Poverty and capitalism will be banished forever.  Soviet Russia, Revolutionary France, and some of the Communist African nations show what happens when this philosophy is used.

Yet another idea has come to us from the Anabaptists/Amish (after they were whipped at the Siege of Munster).  That is, that love will solve all ills.  Love will stop poverty and capitalism.  If this idea was restricted to the Anabaptists/Amish, that would be better.  But it has seeped into the church!  This philosophy is unbiblical.  And why so?

Because the only thing that will solve the world's problems is God Himself!  God alone has the power to bring what we pray for in the Lord's Prayer: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Now, God has given us (as his elect) an amazing gift.  He has "deputized" us, that is, he has given us His power and authority to bring His kingdom to earth.  And how is his kingdom brought?  By obeying His Law.  Only by following the Law of God can we bring His Kingdom to earth, and only God can give us the power to do this.


  1. Good thoughts, Jordan.

    You know, history is really wonderfully simple.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      You are right; history is very simple. I am afraid sometimes historians make it too complicated.

      Non Nobis Domini,

  2. Enjoyed reading your comments. What direction do you think that the United States is going?