Sunday, February 10, 2013

250th Anniversary of the Treaty of Paris

250 years ago today, the Treaty of Paris was signed.  This brought an end to the hostilities between France, Great Britain, Spain and Portugal. 

Interestingly, the treaty begins with this phrase: "In the Name of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. So be it."  It goes on to say how "It has pleased the Most High to diffuse the spirit of union and concord among the Princes, whose divisions had spread troubles in the four parts of the world, and to inspire them with the inclination to cause the comforts of peace to succeed to the misfortunes of a long and bloody war."

These quotations show how much Christianity had influenced politics in 1763, and that even the men who drafted the treaty realized where peace came from--the Most High, not from the machinations of politicians. 

The full text of the treaty can be found here:

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