Thursday, February 28, 2013

Women and Children First--from Henty

"I heard, some time ago, that one of our masters had been appointed to a church in some beastly neighbourhood in Birmingham or one of those manufacturing towns, and the people were such a rough lot that he could do nothing with them at first.  But one day, when he was going along the street, he saw a notorious bully thrashing a woman, and he interfered.  The fellow threatened him, and he quietly turned in, and gave him the most tremendous thrashing he had ever had, in about three minutes.  After that he got to be greatly liked, and did no end of good in his parish."

"Yes; but you say this man was a priest, a clergyman?" Maffio urged.

The three friends looked gravely at each other.

"Yes, but you must remember that he was also a man, and there is such a thing as righteous anger.  Why should a man look on and see a woman ill-treated without lifting his hand to save her, simply because he is a clergyman?"--from Out With Garabaldi, pgs. 128-129

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