Monday, June 23, 2014

Plassey Gallery

Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Plassey.  Plassey was fought during the Seven Years' War in India as Robert Clive of the East India Company battled Siraj-ud-Doula and his French allies.
Clive's men positioned themselves behind a mango grove as Siraj's army approached.  Some Indians attempted to attack, but were driven back by fierce cannon fire.  Before the battle began, however, Robert Clive had made a deal with one of Siraj's generals, Mir Jafar.  In exchange for neutrality during the battle, the British would seat Mir Jafar on Siraj's throne.  Jafar's inaction ultimately decided the battle and the British crowned him.  However, Mir Jafar soon rebelled against his ally and the British unseated him.  For a good summary of the battle, visit:

About the pictures
The first and second pictures show the British lines receiving the charge of the colorful Indian horsemen. 
The third picture shows Clive (center) meeting Mir Jafar (in gold robe) after the battle.
The fourth picture showcases the Royal Artillery's contribution to the battle.  In the background is the old hunting lodge located in the mango grove.
The fifth picture is set in the British lines, as the gunners fire on the Indians.

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