Monday, August 11, 2014

1761 Uniforms of the Bombay Marine

"The officers [of the Bombay Marine] were increased in number, by two commanders, ten more lieutenants; and, to improve the morale of the whole, divine service was now first performed on board, and all gambling, swearing &c., strictly forbidden; and in 1761, a regular uniform was adopted by the officers, who, by the Governor in Council, were 'ordered to wear blue frock coats, turned up with yellow, dress-coats and waistcoats of the same colour, and according to regulation pattern.  Large boot-sleeves and facings of gold lace were the fashion for the superior grades, while the midshipmen and masters of gallivats were to rest contented with small round cuffs and no facings.'"--pg 210, Cassell's Illustrated History of India by James Grant

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