Wednesday, August 20, 2014

54mm Soldiers--AWI Light Infantry Sergeant

One of my interests is painting 54mm plastic soldiers.  This fellow is painted as a sergeant of the Continental Light Infantry during the American Revolution.  He originally came from a bag of poorly-cast American Revolution soldiers that I bought at Williamsburg.  For two years he was shuffled around in the closet, until I embarked on painting him.  But I ran out of steam quickly and back to the closet he went.  Finally, last year I pulled him out of the closet and painted him.  But he is not my only light infantryman.  He has five comrades, whom I hope to show soon (as soon as I glue on their red-and-black plumes).

Figure by BMC, paints by Testors, varnish by Winsor & Dammar.  The plume is made of two pipe cleaners connected by model cement.  

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