Monday, May 23, 2016

The Trial of Edward Braddock part 3

The Charges Defended, by James Stuart and Chief Shingas


(To follow this story’s progression, read parts 1 and 2 first.  Part 1 can be read at:


The prosecuting attorney had listened to the testimony of the two witnesses much like a card player who holds the ace of trumps in his hand, or a chess player preparing to checkmate his opponent with the next move.  When Mrs. George Anne Bellamy stepped down from the witness box, the prosecutor arose.


“The witnesses for the defendant have given their evidence, and perhaps they are correct that Braddock treated fellow Europeans less brutally,” the prosecutor said smoothly.  “But what of his treatment of the Native Americans who were his allies?  I have evidence to confirm my original assertion that Braddock despised these masters of frontier warfare, leading to his defeat and death at the battle of the Monongahela.  Mr. James Stuart, will you take the witness box?”


A man in the dress of a frontier settler came to the witness stand and began.


“This testimony comes from Chief Shingas who met with General Braddock.  ‘That he with 5 other Chiefs of the Delaware Shawnee & Mingo Nations (Being 2 from Each Nation) had applied to General Braddock and Enquired what he intended to do with the Land [the Ohio Country] if he Could drive the French and their Indians away To which Braddock replied that the English Shou’d Inhabit & Inherit the Land, on which Shingas asked General Braddock whether the Indians that were Friends to the English might not be Permitted to Live and Trade Among the English and have Hunting Ground sufficient to Support themselves and Familys as they had no where to Flee Too But into the Hands of the French and their Indians who were their Enemies (that is Shingas' Enemies). On which General Braddock said that No Savage Should Inherit the Land. On receiving which answer Shingas and the other Chiefs went that night to their own People-To whom they Communicated General Braddock's Answer And the Next Morning Returned to General Braddock again in hopes he might have Changed his Sentiments and then repeated their Former Questions to General Braddock again and General Braddock made the same reply as Formerly, On which Shingas and the other Chiefs answered That if they might not have Liberty To Live on the Land they would not Fight for it To which General Braddock answered that he did not need their Help and had No doubt of driveing the French and their Indians away.’” (1)


Will the defendants have any answer to this eyewitness testimony against Braddock?  Stay tuned for part 4 of the Trial of Edward Braddock!


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