Friday, June 3, 2016

Yorktown Speech Update

A little while ago, I mentioned that I would be giving a speech on the Battle of Yorktown at the Information Network for Christian Homes convention. (To read it, go to

While at INCH, before I was to speak, I was very nervous when I thought about it.  When it came time for me to give my speech, God took away all my fears.  My dominant thought was that I was talking to friends about a subject I love and am passionate about.

My brother counted the audience and stated that there were about 50 people in attendance.  This, again, was God's blessing, for I had only expected 6-12 people.  Afterwards, a few people said they learned something new about Yorktown.

This speech was recorded and is now available for purchase at:  In the interest of full disclosure, I make no money if you order this MP3.

This is a description of my workshop, taken from INCH's website. (

A Providential View of the Battle of Yorktown The 1781 Battle of Yorktown ultimately decided American independence from Great Britain.  In this lecture, homeschool graduate and history lover Jordan Jachim will show how God was working to bring all the pieces together at a little-known port named Yorktown.  See how the plans of Benedict Arnold, Lord Charles Cornwallis, General Rochambeau and George Washington worked to bring about this battle.  Discover heroes in the American, British, and French armies.  And learn how God directed even the wind and tides to bring about His purpose.

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